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Elisabeth Piirainen– Biographical notes

Education: Grammar school (with bias on Latin and Greek).

University studies: 1963-1970 at the universities of Münster/Westphalia, Amsterdam and Helsinki: German and Dutch philology, linguistics (focus on language history, dialectology and Indo-European studies).PhD: 1970 at the University of Münster.

Professional activities:
Since 1970 foreign language assistant for German at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland (lector of DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service).

Since 1975:in charge of various projects related to Low German philology:
- research project on microtoponymy (results published in:Flurnamen in Vreden, 1984);
- head of a project on the lexis of a Low German dialect; results published in a dialect dictio-nary(Wörterbuch der westmünsterländischen Mundart,1992), later also in the study Phraseo-logie der westmünsterländischen Mundart (2000) and various articles.

Since 1993: independent researcher. Main research topics:phraseology, figurative language and culture, widespread idioms in Europe and beyond.

Recentprojects: “Widespread idiomatic and formulaic constructions” and “Lesser-used lan-guages: Idioms, proverbs, figurative and formulaic units”.

Email: elisabeth.piirainen(at)

Jean-Pierre Colson is Professor of translation studies and linguistics at the University of Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium) and the Head of the Louvain School of Translation and Interpreting. He has played for many years an active part within Europhras, the European Association for Phraseology, and was for 3 years the Managing Editor of the Yearbook of Phraseology. He has published more than 90 scientific papers on phraseology, computational linguistics and translation studies. He is also an international expert in several institutions: external expert for the COST projects of the European Union, expert in linguistics for the Belgian university foundation, remote expert for ANEP, the Spanish agency for the evaluation of scientific projects.

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