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Reproducibility from a phraseological perspective:
Structural, functional and cultural aspects


Reproducibility, which belongs to key terms in phraseological studies, is the focal issue of the conference, which will aim at offering an insight into this quality from a phraseological perspective by trying to provide answers to the following questions:

What does the term reproducibility – of which several definitions exist – really mean in phraseological studies?
How can reproducible language units be detected and analysed in corpora?
How should they be described in mono- and bilingual dictionaries?
What is their importance from the translational point of view?
How to view them from a didactic perspective?
How to discuss them in a cross-linguistic and cross-cultural context?

The list is not exhaustive and all proposals related to the notions of fixedness and phraseology are most welcome.

The conference is not limited to the main subject and proposals of section presentations and posters on other phraseological issues are also planned.

Persons who would like to organize special topic section and/or workshops are encouraged to send their proposals.

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